Health park is proud to be one of the leading units in the trend of Wellness tourism. With a chain of 5-star resort estate systems combined with health care spread across 24 provinces and cities; Health Park wishes to bring the best experiences for the customers based on a solid and harmonious health care foundation between Treatment , physical health care, mental health care and macrobiotics.


Health Park – Start from the heart

In recent years, health-related issues are more concerning than ever. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has sounded a warning bell for people to pay more attention to taking care of their body. Along with that, the trend of taking care of health from the inside is also becoming more and more interesting.

The project started with a burning passion of creating a chain of “health parks”, far more than 100% of the energy has been exploited to develop a healthcare brand called Health Park.


We choose the 4-leaf clover as the symbol of Health Park

Why “Health Park”

In addition to the obvious meaning from the name Health Park, to us HP also means Happy, which is also the greatest value that we want to bring to all customers who come to Health Park.
We chose the 4-leaf clover to be Health Park’s symbol because four-leaf clovers will bring good luck to those who find them by any chances. For each leaf will represent a value:
The first leaf represents FAITH, the second leaf represents HOPE, the third leaf represents LOVE. And the fourth leaf has a specific meaning that Health Park wants to send to customers, which is the completion of facilities, the people, dedication and professionalism in working attitude.

Health Park - Brings Happiness Everywhere

Health Park brings the health value to serve the community ATTENDANCE – LOVE – HAPPY

- Ninh Bình vùng đất cố đô – là một trong 14 điểm đến hấp dẫn nhất của Châu Á được trang du lịch Trips to Discover của Mỹ bình chọn. Nhờ sự ưu ái của thiên nhiên, Ninh Bình sở hữu nhiều hang động đẹp, độc đáo và được nhiều phương tiện truyền thông thế giới ca ngợi. Vào những dịp cuối năm được xem là thười điểm đẹp nhất để bạn khám phá vùng đất kỳ thú này. - Du khách ai đã từng đặt chân đến nơi đây không thể bỏ qua Khu vui chơi giải trí và nghỉ dưỡng bậc nhất miền Bắc: Healthpark – Tulip tọa tại mặt đường Đinh Tiên Hoàng – Phố Bình Yên – Phường Ninh Khánh – TP. Ninh Bình ( cách Khu du lịch Tràng An 5 km đường bộ ), một sự trải nghiệm không thể hoàn hảo hơn.


Becoming one of the leading corporations in investment and business in real estate services of 5-star resorts combined with prestigious healthcare services in Vietnam. Help elevate and bring good values ​​to life.

Developing a chain of unique, 5-star quality, resort and healthcare estate systems in all tourist cities in Vietnam.

health park nghi duong

Health Park’s business philosophy 

Today, Health Park Holding has succeeded in expanding the market with comprehensive health care services. The services provided by Health Park in the ecosystem are of 5-star standard.

Health Park’s health care ecosystem includes active health care and supportive treatment for chronic non-communicable diseases, bioelectrical services – physiotherapy, massage, floating meditation, bell meditation, and other services. health index service.

Resort estate – Healthcare projects are brought into the market when they are completed and put into operation. Health Park is the perfect solution to the problem of sustainable and effective investment.

khach san health park

Health Park’s operational goals and strategies

  • Expand a variety of services and optimize demand with modern equipment. Deliver a great customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Customers trust and satisfaction always go first
  • Become one of the leading units in the industry of professional healthcare services, the most class in Vietnam and reaching out to the world.
  • Become a key partner, a real estate investor, work responsibly, professionally, and prestige, bringing the value that investors have placed their trust and confidence in.
  • Maintain and improve profit growth with business methods appropriate to each period.
Những lưu ý khi Detox thải độc đại tràng?

Why should you choose Health Park?

Wide range of health care service

Offering customers a variety of health services, with prices ranging from mid- to high-end. Health Park Care services include treatment, physical health care, mental health care and macrobiotics with a healthy regimen. With the goal of improving the health of customers in the long term. Health Park Product service is a high-class resort chain estate. Bringing high returns to stronger investors.

Efficiency commitment

The treatments and wellness services at Health Park are all certified by health associations. In addition, with a team of staff trained to grasp professional knowledge. The products and equipment used in the health care process are of verified origin. We are committed to providing an experience that is guaranteed to bring unexpected results for you to use with peace of mind.

The price worth it’s quality

The prices we set are carefully considered and decided. With the most comprehensive high-end healthcare process. We will also provide the right price and make every customer satisfied. Health Park also has promotions for certain events and holidays. In order to create conditions for more customers to get a chance to access and experience Health Park.


Seasoned professional staff

Our seasoned professional staff with friendly and attentive customer service team is also an extremely important factor for Health Park to confidently win the trust of customers.

All questions of customers will be answered and consulted in detail. Put the customer’s interests first and strive to bring the best experience. So that you can assured that you can put your trust in us.

International scale

Health Park develops many branches in all provinces and cities. In addition, the building system of Health Park meets the design and construction standards in the most scale and class.

Each service will have a separate area, to ensure privacy for customers. Each room is fully equipped with the most advanced imported equipment. In order to facilitate the process of performing therapy, massage,…

Choosing Health Park will be a memorable healthcare service experience for every customer. We carry the responsibility and mission to help you change and improve from within. As Health Park – Brings happiness everywhere.