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Colon detox is a method of cleansing and detoxifying the body that is interesting to many people recently. Detox service here at Health Park is carried out by leading experts with modern equipment. This is a safe method of detoxification that brings many positive effects to the functioning of the digestive system and health.

Define: What is Colon Detox?

Colon cleansing (conlon cleansing by hydrotherapy) is the body cleansing method that using water and model technology to cleanse the wastes, toxicity and bad bacteria out of the human colon. Brings back many health benefits for the user.

How does the Detox procedure work?

Using the Colon Detox KYD-238 (a very model high-tech device) with the complex and precise calculation, safely brings pure water to cleaning every single part of the colon. Under the operating of professional experts and doctors in the enternal therapy field, the 37’C pure water are slowly push through the medical tube under precise pressure. The process will last 35-40 minnutes through out many pump/discharge cycles to reach the treament target.

Detox thải độc đại tràng là gì?

Health benefits of Colon Detox

Detox is the most effective method, giving the most obvious results

Colon detox is not only a safe method of cleansing the body but also gives the most obvious and quick effect. There are many detox methods, but colon detox is still the optimal solution with many benefits.
Hydrotherapy detox, or colon detox, is the purification of the body through the detoxification of the colon. This method is considered to be a powerful way to detoxify the body. This method not only works to remove excess impurities in the body, but also helps to improve the activity of the immune system and slow down the aging process.

A part of toxins that are difficult to eliminate clings to the intestines, causing serious health effects. Detoxing the body by conventional methods such as drinking fruit and vegetable juice, taking laxatives, or enemas… has almost no effect on pushing out all this fecal residue. Colon detox is the best way to deal with this problem.

Lợi ích của Detox thải độc đại tràng

Colon Detox reduce the incidence of bowel cancer.

Cleansing the colone on a regular basis helps diluting and cleansing the waste and toxicity that stuck in the cecum, reduce the pressure on the portal vein and lymphatic, helps the five excretory organs in the body works properly. 

At the first colon detox, the subject will excrete a lot of gas and food and waste that has just been digested, and then excrete the old feces that have accumulated before. Colon hydrotherapy is a process of cleaning up thick mucus and dirt that has built up on the intestinal wall over the years. Most patients who undergo a colon detox will experience a marked sense of relief after the third detox and excrete a lot of waste. Colon detox experts suggest: For the first detox course, patients should perform 3 times within a week for the best effect.

Detox đại tràng health park

Colon Detox helps avoid skin disorders

Skin is an important excretory organ of the body. Some of the toxic after stuck in the colon for a long period will be asborbed bach in the muscle and tissue and excreted through the skin causing many skin disorders. The Detox cleansing helps avoid that, keeps the skin stay beautiful and healthy from inside out.

Other health benefits of Colon Detox

Taking care of your health from the inside is the top solution for a comprehensive healthy body. When the body’s digestive system is cleaned, other functional organs will be activated to perform their functions properly, enhancing nutrient absorption and elimination of harmful substances. Specifically: 

– Detox helps get rid of all the waste stuck in the colon for along time prevents the incidence of cancer and some other diseases.

– Makes you feel lighter more energytic, more comtable in daily routine.

– Imrproves immunity of the body, prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria and virus, helps keep the digestive system stay healthy and working properly, stimulates the body to burn more fat.

– Without the toxicity in the body, the pressure in the blood vein will be stablize, the blood circulation will more productive. Therefore, reducing fatigue, headache, dizzy, mind disorder, hard to focus, avoid lacking of deep sleep. Detox helps restoring the good bacteria in the digestive system, those bacteria is crucial in the digestive process. The more effective the digestion system work the less food we have too eat to provide enough nutrition for the body.

Những lưu ý khi Detox thải độc đại tràng?

Some notices before using the Colon Detox service

Who should use the Colon Detox service

According to the experts, the Detox method should only be conduc on person who 8 years old or older, in VietNam this method should be conduct on person who above 15 years old. DO NOT using detox method on people with diarrhea and pregnant woman. People have prolem with digest system like: digestion disorder, flatulence, bloating, constipation, , acne, eczema, dry skin, fatigue, headache, anxiety,… should use Detox method.

In the process of operation, the human body inevitably accumulates waste in the digestive system. Our bodies already have the organs that carry out the elimination of toxins such as the liver, lungs and kidneys. These functional organs are capable of removing or neutralizing toxins within the body. However, when you are living in a polluted environment and using foods that are not safe, it is difficult for the body’s functional organs to respond. Therefore, a colon detox is really necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Avoid eating 2hours before the procedure, but if must eat you can have a light meal (congee, boiled vegetable). To make sure the effciency and the safety you should choose the estahblishment with the high reputation. Especially with Detox method, if there is something wrong in the process might affect the digesttive system.


Prestigious colon detoxing facility in Hanoi

The Detox method require the establishment with high professional ability, modern equipment and technology. With the goal of putting service quality and the health of customer first, reaching the core value is health care, Health Park constantly developing and creating a special place in the custonmer’s heart and mind. The colon Detox is one of leading health care service of HEALTH PARK CARE ecosystem – a five health care service. The customer comes to Health park care will get the opportunity to experience the health care ecosystem including :massage therapy, detox sauna, nourishing shampoo, bioeletric, quantum mineral bath,….with a five stars class service. Everything single services here are oriented towards the value of health care, spiritual regeneration with Refinement – Fitness – Treatment – Macrobiotics.

In the last few years, health issues have become more and more concerning. The emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic has rung a bell for each of us to pay more attention to our health and health values. Along with that, health care services are more concerned than ever. The services of the Health Park ecosystem is the solution to health care and spiritual nourishment. If you are looking for an address to use Detox colon detox services or health and beauty care services, then Health Park is the top suggestion. Contact us now for advice and to schedule a high-class healthcare experience.

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