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Floating meditation is one of the methods of sensory therapy that is attracting a lot of attention in recent times. Lying in a sealed chamber full of water sounds like a horror, doesn’t it? However, this method is highly appreciated for its extremely relaxing experience and health benefits. Let’s go deeper with Health Park about this new experience through the article below!

1. What is Floating meditation (FLOAT)

1.1 Origin 

Floating meditation created based on the method of meditation. Also known as “sense relaxation therapy”, the English name is “Floating”. The father of floating meditation is John C. Lilly, the purpose is to create an optimal environment, helping the whole body and mind to relax properly..

1.2 What is Floating meditation (FLOAT) 

Floating meditation is the name of a therapeutic method in which the human body is raised to the surface of the water. This method is performed in a Float chamber with Epsom salts. During floating meditation the body is freed from all physical pressure on the spine and musculoskeletal. Deep relaxation removes all worries from your mind.As you enjoy serene and weightless relaxation, you can work toward entering a deeply meditative state

2. How FLOAT works

2.1 Tools and Meterial  

A float chamber is a tool to help you free your body and soul. As a main part in floating meditation, the scientific name is sealed acrylic cabin. The float chamber is like a shallow pool filled with warm salt water.
Concentrated epsom salt is the main ingredient that helps support the body. Mixing salt with water becomes a special kind of solution. It includes 8 trace elements and more than 80 minerals in extremely high concentrations. And its buoyancy far exceeds the Dead Sea.
Epsom salt is a therapeutic salt in medicine. Has the ability to relax muscles, help increase calcium production and add many nutrients to the body. Epsom salt helps you easily detox deeply when absorbed through the skin. Promotes the body to detox quickly. The spa salt water will also help your skin to be smoother and more beautiful after the Float session.

2.2 Thiền nổi hoạt động như thế nào?

Inside the chamber is salt water warmed to skin temperature. You will experience the feeling of being floating in space. No sound, no light, isolated from sensory signals. You will almost be cut off from the outside world. After you have adapted to this environment. Your mind and body will enter a state of extremely relaxing stillness.
Thanks to the special salt, even if you don’t know how to swim or don’t know how to control your breathing, your body will still automatically float on the salt water. All tension on the spine is removed and the cervical vertebrae are completely relaxed, helping solve musculoskeletal problems.
In addition to the relaxing effects, the salt used in floating meditation also helps increase calcium production and replenish nutrients for the body. Epsom salt also has a deep detox effect when absorbed through the skin, helping the body detox quickly. Leaves skin smoother and more beautiful after the Float session.

3. The health benefits of Float 

Float’s effect on the mind is equivalent to a state of deep meditation lasting 10 to 30 days. Sensory isolation has long been a tool for brain training. Prepare for rituals, practice advanced states of meditation, reach other states of spirituality. Some people feel the float chamber is like the state in the womb. Where we are nurtured and developed in peace.
For women: Highly effective for beautifying the skin, slowing down the skin aging process, safely losing weight.
For children: promote height growth, improve memory. Increase creativity, concentration ability, promote synchronous development of left and right brain.
For men: Floating meditation can relieve stress, and is a new choice for intermediate to advanced people. To manage your life rhythm and health.
For the elderly: can reduce pain and improve ringworm, blood pressure, blood fat, diabetes. Regular floating meditation helps to prolong life and keep youthful features forever.

4. Who should use the Float method?

People who often suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality. Office workers, under pressure from jobs such as professional managers and financial staff.
People who do manual pressure jobs such as mechanics, engineers, beauticians, chefs, drivers, housewives… Or mental workers like writers or even students.people who want to take care of the whole body.
In particular, people with chronic diseases should not ignore this treatment method such as: high blood pressure (blood pressure, blood fat, diabetes), gynecological diseases, lower back pain.

* Lưu ý:

Contraindicated for the first 3 months of pregnancy. breastfeeding women.
The person is having an open wound, the patient is in an acute condition of any kind. People with cerebral hemorrhage, cancer, epilepsy, cerebrovascular-vascular disease, pancreatic cancer, kidney failure and other mental diseases.
Patients whose doctors advise to limit their fluid intake or who have undergone chemotherapy within six months. People over the age of 75, people with physical weakness have a doctor’s advice. Meditation should not be experienced.

5. Experience floating meditation at health park

Health Park Holding is a provider of 5-star high-class comprehensive health care services. Based on modern design and meticulously invested. Every customer who comes to us is consulted and taken care of the best of health.
Besides, Health Park is known as one of the pioneers in providing FLOAT services. Health Park is the first unit to experience, research and receive floating meditation technology from the US.
With the goal is to provide a best experience. We focus on service quality. Besides investing in modern machinery and equipment, we focus on human development. Each service is performed by experienced doctors and specialists. To ensure the safest and most effective results for the patient. 

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