Located in Hanoi city, Health Park Holding is built according to the philosophy of “modern living in the midst of nature”. As the top recommended place for customers who want to find a resort space combining health care right in the heart of the capital. Hotel accommodation service combined with healthcare at Health Park promises to bring you great experiences.

health park nghi duong

Staying at Health Park Holding – an architectural symphony in the heart of the capital.

Located in a prime location of the capital Hanoi, right next to the bustling Tran Duy Hung arterial road, Health Park Holding offers a 5-star accommodation space. Health Park offers 21 high-class rooms, with a combination of restaurants, bars, Vip wine cellars, outdoor swimming pools, free parking and especially an ecosystem of health care services. provide customers with the perfect resort space. At Health Park, in addition to modern and luxurious amenities, the customer can also enjoy professional, classy and personalized service from Health Park service team.

Whether it’s a business trip, a vacation to discover the capital Hanoi, or simply a weekend getaway in the heart of the city, the high-class facilities at Health Park will surely be the ideal destination for you. guests to relax and enjoy the elegant and luxurious Health Park lifestyle.

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Health Park Holding features classic design combined with modern trends. Each space of the lobby, corridor, to details such as the ceiling, the foot of the column shows the beauty of classic elegance but no less modern. Every detail of the interior is delicately carved, meticulously and comfortably to give customers the best experience when staying..

Staying at a hotel at Health Park Holding to experience 5-star service

Luxury restaurant

Choosing to stay at a hotel at Health Park, you will not only be immersed in a high-class space, but also enjoy a rich and diverse culinary culture of Asian, European and especially Nutritional health care.

The highlight of the restaurant at Health Park Holding is serving macrobiotics food. Towards a natural and quiet lifestyle, especially good for health care. If you are a person who cares about health issues, this will definitely be the top suggestion for a hotel accommodation space.

With a professional service style according to international standards, Health Park is committed to providing guests with the best culinary experiences.

nha hang khach san health park

Health care services

The highlight of Health Park is the complex of health care services.Coming to Health Park, you are not only stay in our 5-stars class hotel, you can also have a chance to experience the most interesting health care services lately.Towards re-energizing from within, comprehensive and diverse body care is the goal of the services that Health Park Holding provides. Some of the outstanding services include:

  • Soak in a Jacuzzi relaxing herbal bath, eliminating toxins.
  • Dry sauna – Steam bath.
  • Relaxing massage – therapy to remove fatigue and stress, take care of the body.
  • Nourishing shampoo with a combination of rare herbs with intensive techniques in an elegant space helps reduce stress effectively.
  • Elevate your Detox experience with dry, wet and quantum saunas.
  • Hydrotherapy – Detox colon health care
  • Spa system, private gym system, Yoga room, most comfortable meditation room.
dich vu cham soc suc khoe health park

Rooftop pool

Health Park has a modern outdoor pool designed on the rooftop. A swimming pool in the middle of the space in the heart of the capital, with a bar in a spacious and airy space.
No need to say goodbye to the city to go to a far place, customers can easily “retreat” from the stresses and pressures of daily life.

Thoughtful Client service

A very important thing when choosing a place to stay at a hotel is customer service.
With a team of professionally trained staff, a team of highly qualified doctors and technicians serving customers with dedication. 

be boi ngoai troi tren cao health park

Tightly security.

Health Park Holding has a car park, along with a security system that brings peace of mind to the staying customers. When choosing a hotel service at Health Park, customers will be assured to enjoy the resort in a classy space.
If you are looking for a hotel address in Hanoi, Health Park is the first choice with a full range of convenient services. No need to leave the capital, you can still experience health care services right in Hanoi. With the Health Park ecosystem, you will have the best stay experience. It’s time to regenerate energy in the heart of the capital. Contact Health Park immediately for advice on services.