Therapeutic Massage is well known as one of the best methods to help the body relax. Besides, this is also a way to help you treat some disorders and reduce pain such as: muscle pain, arthritis, headache, blood pressure, digestion, … If you know how to apply this treatment at the right time then you will recover faster.

1.Quickview about the therapeutic massage industry

From time immemorial, our ancestors have realized very well the benefits of massage. Society is developing, people have to work more. Therefore, joint pain is inevitable. Seizing this opportunity, the market began to sprout massage therapy service providers. This method is combined with many different medical institutions in the world. Along with the experience and knowledge from folk medicine about acupressure points, nerves, tendons, bones and receptors…

Applying therapeutic massage will shorten the recovery time for muscle tension. Because it helps to get rid of bad cells. From there, the blood circulation is increased, you will feel comfortable and energetic. Because, when the body is massaged, the brain produces a compound which has the effect of eliminating fatigue, and dispelling the pressure that is weighing on the body.

Massage helps you relieve stress. Thereby reducing the hormones Adrenalin, Cortisol, Norepinephrine. Skin is the outer covering of the human body. Helps to cover and protect other parts under the skin and the nerves. Therefore, the massage will help stimulate blood circulation. Soothes soft tissues, highly effective in treating chronic diseases.

2. What is therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage  (physiotherapy massage treatment) is the treatment using massage and reflexology skills with the support of essential oils, helps you reduce the pain, stabilize blood circulation, release the tension on the spine. reduce the shoulder and neck pain effectively.
Using the massage treatment twice a week could help reduce the pain from musculoskeletal symptoms, especially shoulder and neck pain.

3. Health benefits of Therapeutic Massage

3.1 Clear out the blood circulation.

When having a massage, tendons and acupoints are being touched by a moderate force to stimulate secretion of joint mucus into the joint and around it. Better blood circulation will make you feel more away and filled with energy.

3.2 Pain relief

Therapeutic massage is a treatment using in-depth skill on every part of the body. During the massage process, the brian will receive the stretching signal from the muscles and bones. 

You will see the big difference after using massage treatment, especially at the joints and around the spine parts like: ankle, wrists, shoulder, spine,..

Massage trị liệu Health Park

3.3 Release the pressure in the cardiovascular system.

Release the blood pressure on people with high blood pressure. Helps stabilize and prevent the sudden change of the blood pressure.

3.4. Gives better appetite.

If you are feeling unappetizing, despite trying many different methods. You can try a therapeutic massage to restore your appetite. One of the reasons you are anorexic is probably because you are too tired. Therefore, the fastest way to improve physical and mental health is therapeutic massage. Massage therapy helps promote the digestive system to work better. 

Massage body mang đến nguồn năng lượng sống mới dồi dào cho cơ thể

3.5 Reduce the symptoms and prevent cancer chemotherapy

Research and studies has proven that massage treatment has a part in the cancer treatment and reduces the symptoms of cancer.
Especially, foot massage especially can help cancer patients reduce pain, fatigue, nausea… treat shortness of breath and reduce body energy.

3.6. Detox the body 

Massage can help the body to be purified through the detoxification mechanisms. gradually and steadily remove the excess fluid out of the body. Blood circulation and blood pressure are stabilized and improve the sleep quality. 

3.7. Has a good effect on the menstrual cycle of women.

Massage helps regulate hormones,, Regular menstruation, the amount of hormones in the body will be stable and help women have a healthy, bright skin and reduce acne.

Những lưu ý khi Massage Spa Body là gì?

4. Health Park’s Therapeutic Massage – Recharge the positive energy of life.

The demand for beauty and health care is currently on the rise. Not just popular with women. But even young men or middle-aged men also want to pay more attention to their health and seek massage services. Massage therapy can meet many customers with different needs.  

Health Park is one of the facilities that can provide an intensive therapeutic massage experience that makes you feel the most satisfied

This is not only known as a place to provide massage services. But there are many more healthcare packages.

With a standard treatment process that has been proven to be very effective.

Accompanying the development of Health Park, it is impossible not to mention the professional staff, with decades of experience in the profession

However, they are always trying to improve their skills and learn more to perfect and develop themselves

With enthusiasm and enthusiasm, an extremely professional working attitude is a plus point for every customer when coming to Health Park.

Massage Spa Body là gì?

In addition, so that customers always have the most comfortable and relaxing feeling when coming to Health Park. We are also focusing on arranging the most private spaces. The herbs and essential oils are imported with high quality, with genuine origin. For therapeutic massage at Health Park, you can choose to experience the following services:

4.1 The full body massage package

Body massage is a method of physical impact by using hands, feet, and equipment to move and vibrate muscles and bones, impact on acupuncture points of the whole body to bring many benefits to mental health and physical.
There is no solution to wake up the body, dispel stress and anxiety effectively by full body relaxation massage. The effect of full body massage also affects the nervous system, blood vessels to help the body feel comfortable and bring a relaxed mood.
help relieve stress.
+ Helps blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure.
+ Full body massage helps skin firming and anti-aging.
+ Massage helps to eliminate toxins in the body.
+ Massage helps raise the sleep quality.
+ Full body massage helps to avoid aches and pains.
Currently, full body massage with essential oils and hot stones are popular body massage methods. Essential oils, hot stones, natural and benign massage materials, have many uses for health and beauty. These ingredients both stimulate blood circulation, metabolism, stimulate bowel movements, reduce dull aches and pains caused by rheumatism in the elderly. In addition to the rich and diverse nutrient content, these ingredients also have antibacterial, antioxidant, exfoliating properties, making the skin soft, smooth, and naturally glowing.
Benefits of full body massage for health and beauty.
Full body massage is a very effective way to dispel stress, relieve joint pain, and muscle fatigue, especially right after the treatment is over. At the same time, this massage method also helps the body to relax, refresh and more comfortable.
Massage has a very good effect in promoting blood circulation, helping blood circulation, promoting health, sleeping well and supporting the reduction of symptoms of high blood pressure and diabetes.



4.3 Gói massage foot

The main skill of this method is massage and reflexology under the feet.
Foot massage affects blood vessels, muscles and nerves, acupressure points under the feet. These points are closely related to other organs in the body.
Foot massage will help increase blood circulation and stabilize blood qi. As a result, it can help in the treatment of many diseases. Take care of your feet by foot massage service to help your body stay healthy and increase longevity.

Massage Spa Body là gì?

4.4 Neck and shoulder massage package

The position of the head, neck and shoulders is the body parts that are often numb, painful due to muscle roots and stress. Thanks to the massage technique from the skillful hands of an experienced Health Park specialist, it helps to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, clear the meridians to relieve pain, relax muscles, and eliminate fatigue for the head, neck, shoulders and neck. Combine acupressure to circulate blood, regenerate energy only after the first experience of the treatment. The scent of natural essential oils also makes you immerse yourself in a relaxing space, dispel fatigue and stress. Massage helps to clear the meridians and blood circulation in the head, neck, shoulders and back. Reduce stress, tension, fatigue. Relieves pain and aches in the head, shoulders and neck. Prevent cervical spondylosis. Help improve problems: dizziness, dizziness, help sleep better and deeper, clear memory. Reduce numbness and pain in both arms, wrist joints are fatigued, fingers are flexible, feel better grip. Prevention of neurasthenia, blood supply to the brain, good for the central nervous system.

Through the detailed information as we provided. You may find that the benefits of therapeutic massage cannot be summed up in just a few words. It is a method that brings great health value to everyone. With good health comes good opportunities. Come to Health Park to experience it!