Yoga is a practice that helps train the body, the mind and the soul. The subject is chosen by many women. Up to now, yoga is more and more known to many people, regardless of gender or age. Anyone can practice. Because it does not need to perform very difficult movements or require too much skill. Although it is a gentle practice. But there are many health benefits. Let’s learn more about yoga with Health Park!

1. What is yoga

Yoga is a practice that involves the body, mind and spirit. Originated from India. Yoga helps to raise awareness, create balance between the body and mind, purify, heal, strengthen endurance, release the ego, and improve physical strength.This is a very interesting exercise for both those who are beginners and those who are familiar with regular training. 

Based on the idea of ​​making mind and body fused into one. For the main yoga movements you will need breathing and meditation skills. In order to do this, you need to be disciplined and have to practice regularly to unify body, mind and soul. Those who have practiced for a long time prove that this sport can also change the worldview. Helps calm the mind and reduce stress. This will greatly improve your health.

2. Health benefits of Yoga

Give deep relaxation, reduce stress

Music has a strong psychological impact. Proper use of music can reduce stress, rhythm is the main agent that helps you relieve physical pain.
1 hour sound therapy can reduce sadness, anger and depression, and make the mood more relaxed and peaceful.

Reduce pain without side effect

We can understand that pain is often a subjective emotion. Bell meditation also works as a calming therapy. Sound therapy distracts the patient’s mind from the pain. Therefore, it is possible to ease the pain in the psychological aspect.
For people with cancer or chronic diseases that are difficult to treat, today’s pain relievers are all opium-based. Using too much or for a long period of time will cause addiction. Therefore, people with chronic diseases should replace it with natural pain relievers.

Connect spiritual energy

Bell meditation can really center the mind, get rid of the impurities and outside noises. During the bell meditation, every time we ring the bell and turn the bell, we awaken our inner self. Sound waves come from primordial sounds. Creates strong vibrational connections between energy centers.

Mental focus

Using a rotating bell is a way to help us focus our hands and consciousness. As well as connecting to the vibration frequency when letting the bell rotate on the hand crank. When we are connected to the energy from the universe, relaxation and peace will come to us. This sound is also considered an immortal song without lyrics. Made by ourselves from the sound of the bell. The sound has no clear and wonderful words.

Mental therapy

Today, revolving bells are widely used in Yoga, qigong, meditation, etc., designed to bring a special vibration frequency that affects the human mind. Improve sleep disorders, stress, anxiety disorders markedly

3. Experiencing bell meditation at Health Park 

Till this day, Health Park is still the leading prestigious healthcare center in Vietnam. With the participation of formally trained experts. Health Park today has become one of the facilities that provide therapy with bell meditation to heal people’s spirits.
Especially, in the past two years, under the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the need for people’s spiritual recovery has become more urgent. It was also the time when Vietnamese people knew about bell meditation widely. Not only Health Park, many health centers and Spas at large centers also put revolving bells into therapy. We are still in the process of improvement and development. Every customer who comes to us has a new and interesting experience that is not available anywhere else.