Sauna is one of the most widely used detoxification methods. The reason our body needs to be detoxified is because living in the conditions of modern society has to expose and tolerate too many substances. From the environment, the air to the food and drink, there are a large amount of toxic substances, which our naked eyes can hardly see. Below we will introduce to you the most detailed detox steam method.

1. Detox by herbal bath 

Herbal bath is a method of soaking in a bath with many herbs such as marjoram, ginger, cinnamon, green tea, wormwood, grapefruit leaves, rose, bath salts,… Opens the pores, the essence in the herb penetrates through the skin to bring many great detoxifying uses for humans.

2. Health benefits of herbal bath

– Detox the toxins from the body
– Improve blood circulation, avoid some diseases such as osteoarthritis pain, high blood pressure, rheumatism.
– Relieve colds, reduce aches and pains and restore physical strength
– Firming body, supporting weight loss.
– Suitable for postpartum women to quickly recover health.
– Helps the body feel fresh, clean, prevent skin allergies and dermatological diseases. Leaves skin smooth and healthy.

3. Dry/Steam sauna

3.1 Dry sauna

What is dry sauna

Dry sauna is also known as heat sauna with 10% humidity. Temperatures of 50 – 70°C are generated by a sauna heater combined with sauna stones inside a dedicated pine wood sauna. Thanks to the heat radiation mechanism, the heat penetrates into the skin, dilating the pores and capillaries to eliminate toxins outside, and at the same time helping to relax the mind.

The benefits of Dry sauna

  • Some of many benefits dry sauna brings :
  • The increased temperature can kill bacteria, parasites and fungi on the skin, thereby helping to clean the skin, helping the skin to be rejuvenated.
  • Stimulates and strengthens the body’s immune system, while helping to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and prevent acne.
  • Produces endorphin hormone (happy hormone) to help relax the mind so that you always feel happy, avoiding stress and fatigue.
  • When the heat rises, the excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks … will be burned effectively, helping these skin areas to be firm, supporting weight loss.
  • Support to reduce joint pain, back pain … effectively.

3.2 Steam bath

What is steam bath
Steam bath is a method of steaming in a closed room with 100% humidity, providing heat through hot steam generated by a steam generator combined with a dedicated steam room (glass wall). Steam and essential oils (can be placed in the aromatherapy tank) from the sauna help relax and bring many health benefits.

Benefits of Steam bath
Steambath offers many benefits such as:

  • Steambaths make the pores open, stimulate the body to sweat to dispel toxins out of the body through skin. As a result, the skin is smoother, brighter, and effectively reduces acne.
  • Improve blood circulation, stimulate the body to strengthen immunity, and destroy pathogens.
  • Support in the treatment and improvement of some respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma..
  • The hair follicles are expanded during the steaming process, therefore the shampoo’s nutrients will be penetrated deeper to make the hair smooth and strong.
  • Helps you to feel more relaxed and refreshed after stressful working or studying hours.

4. Prestigious high-class detox sauna service at Health Park.

Prestigious high-class detox sauna service at Health Park.
Currently, many studies show that doing a sauna at home is not fully effective for everyone. Therefore, to ensure safety and promote the full benefits of detoxification, you should choose reputable sauna service providers.

If you are still looking for a health care unit that provides the best service in HaNoi, come to Health Park. Coming to Health Park’s detox sauna service, you will be consulted on health issues as well as the options that best suit the individual needs of each customer. Along with individual treatment for each customer. These include: herbal steaming, quantum mineral steaming…

Based on the benefits of sauna, Health Park offers detox sauna treatments to restore the body to health and rejuvenation. Hope you can take some time to take care of your body. We hope you have a beautiful and healthy body every day!